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Welcome to FoodMonks

Food Monks is Toronto's premium food-commerce tiffin service which allows you to order delicious home-style food. We provide good Food, Service and Pricing that we as consumers would be satisfied with.


order Guidelines

Anytime Anywhere

Order Change

If a subscriber wants to change their orders, they must do it before 6:00 PM. If they change their order before 6:00 PM it will be effective starting the next day. Anytime after 6:00 PM their orders will be effective the day after.

Order Timing

When a subscriber signs up before 9:00 PM the subscriber will receive their tiffin starting next day. If the subscriber signs up after 9:00 PM they will receive their tiffin starting the day after.

Flexible Plan

This is only for subscribers who don't want to commit to a bi-weekly or 4 weeks plan. The subscriber has to select their tiffins in advance. If they need to cancel a tiffin they must let us know before 6:00 PM prior to the day. If the subscriber notifies us after 6:00 PM prior to the day the tiffin will be counted.


A driver cannot wait for more than 10 minutes. The subscriber will be given a one hour time-frame. If the subscriber allows us we can hang their tiffin on the door if they are not home. The subscriber must give us a buzzer code if it's an apartment/condo. If the subscriber for any reason misses their tiffin that tiffin will be counted and given away to community services. We deliver Saturdays and Sundays tiffins on Saturday only in the morning. Sundays are closed for delivery.

Cancelled Tiffins

The subscriber must cancel their tiffin one day ahead before 6:00 PM. If they cancel after 6:00 PM their tiffin will be counted. In a bi-weekly subscription they are allowed to cancel 2 times. In a 4 weeks subscription they will be allowed to cancel 4 times.

Paused Tiffins

A subscriber may pause as long as they need but they will have to inform us one day ahead. The number of paused tiffins will be extended in their subscription. A subscriber can only pause 2 times in one subscription whether it be bi-weekly or 4 weeks.

Delivery Change

If a subscriber wants to change their address, they must let us know one day ahead by 6:00 PM. If they inform us after 6:00 PM it will be accepted the day after.

Referral Amounts

Referral Amounts are 5%. When a subscriber refers another person they will get 5% off of the plan the other person takes.

Incorrect Orders

If the subscriber feels that their order is incorrect, they must take a photo and send it to us on WhatsApp or our Food Monks number.

Website Orders

It is mandatory that the subscriber fills in their order before 6:00 PM. If it is not filled they will receive random items in their tiffin.

Contact Hours

We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Saturdays we are open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. On Sundays we are open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. A subscriber may email us for any inquiry and concerns.

Renewal Subscriptions

When the subscribers subscription has ended they will get a notification reminder in their email to renew. No tiffin will be sent the following day if they do not renew.

3 Step Order

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We bring you healthy and balanced meals, with a dish of fun and a sprinkle of deliciousness for a healthier and happier You! Our signature healthy recipes are designed by our in-house nutrition experts to help you achieve your health goals.

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